The lack of rain or water on the vast majority of this planet has rendered it a hot, but not inhospitable desert world; the biosphere that has been introduced has included shrubs, cacti and some more resilient grasses, as well as a few insectoids, all native of deserts on the Earth that we remember. Recently a massive discovery of massive deposits of rare minerals, heavy elements and ancient alien ruins has a great deal of people travelling to Hori en masse, hoping to strike it rich in the badlands.
Hub Space Travel Advisory entry for Hori.

- Extreme fluctuations in population as boom and bust happens; general estimate of about 15 million inhabitants

- Hot climate, with little water. Lots of desert. Breathable atmosphere. Comfortable pressure, slightly lower gravity than normal.

- Huge deposits of minerals and rare metals have brought a great deal of corporate interest from the HSC.

- Provisional HSC government in place, although Hori generally considered free/lawless planet of badlands. Wild West style culture with lasers and aliens!

- Ancient alien ruins dot the desert; archaeological dig sites very common, as well as security forces intending to guard them

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