Trade with the Preceptors of Fornacis has been on shaky ground of late as their tariff laws have become more and more restrictive to offworld purchases of the information stored within their archives. Travellers are not permitted very far beyond the starport and as a result do not get to visit the Archives themselves.
- Hub Space Travel Advisory entry for Fornacis

- Home to an estimated 2 million inhabitants.

- Good atmosphere, cold climate, fertile but short growing seasons.

- Large military/missionary presence of the “Sons of the Prophet”

- Preceptor Archives cloistered and highly guarded; a library of pretech histories, technology and scientific data, extremely guarded by Preceptor Monks, an extremely well-trained, militant group of sages and historians, tasked with the duty of ‘keeping this knowledge out of the wrong hands’ (which basically means everyone who is not a Preceptor Archon).

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