One global ocean covers almost the entirety of this planet; massive cities that float along the waves harbor almost one billion people in total. Part of the Hub Systems Confederacy, Indi supplies a huge amount of water to the neighboring systems, with great desalination and refining plants set up to help in the process. A gas giant in the system, Garivi, is home to several massive hydrogen harvesting facilities.
-Hub Space Travel Advisory entry for Indi

- 900 million inhabitants on several small archipelago and island chains, as well as massive flotilla cities.

- Main industry is the desalination and shipping of water from the massive ocean, flying offworld to the HSC systems; water-tanker ships not an uncommon sight in orbit around Indi. Many merchants find trade in water to be extremely profitable, and corporations have several headquarters and branches in the system to deal with the gathering and processing of water.

- Water pollution is considered extremely distasteful, and illegal; government fines are not unheard of against companies that recklessly pollute the ocean (which is incredible considering how corrupt the HSC is).

- Citizens of Indi extremely bitter about lack of considerable representation in the HSC government, considering the amount of resources they provide. HSC basically doesn’t care.

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