Demeter is the corporate hub of the entire sector, and the seat of the Hub System Confederacy’s government. The president makes his capital here among billions of others on this busy city-world. A mish-mash of human and alien residents, a clash of cultures, Demeter is an exciting, beautiful place. Beware street crime, though.
- Hub Space Travel Advisory entry for Demeter

- Extremely urban world, with massive, sprawling cities covering most of its considerable land masses. One single government operates the entire planet, although a ‘council of cities’ manages resource distribution and general administration of the planet’s government resources/programs.

- HSC has extreme authority over government of Demeter, and Demeter has most say in HSC affairs (to the chagrin of other systems).

- Capital of Demeter is Tyros City. Capital of HSC is the HSC Senatorial Satellite in orbit over Demeter (roughly 3 million inhabitants, including service staff, brokers, government bureaucrats, etc)

- Many, many factions of varying degrees exist on the planet; some benign, some malevolent, some chaotic, some brutal.

- Lots of crime on Demeter, despite the insane level of government surveillance. It is hard to keep track of a few dozen billion individuals, after all, no matter how much technology you have at your disposal.

- Imports massive amount of food/water from Carinae and Indi in order to support its population, especially after The Persephone Incident.

- Multiple other inhabited worlds/stations in the system:


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