They say the cubic spires of Carinae are leftovers from an age before humans took to the stars; great rocky alien pillars that cover the planet, reaching several hundred metres into the air, perfect rectangular columns. Several hundred million people call this Hub System their home, governed by a united government among several nations and a senate seat in the Hub System Confederacy.
-Hub Systems Travel Advisory entry for Carinae

- Temperate climate, breathable atmosphere, generally pleasant weather patterns. Biosphere is largely Earth-based, transplanted before the Scream in a terraforming effort.

- Various national regions, all living in general harmony with one another via a planetary international government union (Not unlike the United Nations, but with more power/authority).
– Current Leader of the CPG: Andrea Hofmeister, from Svatsland, former President of Svatsland and leader of the Svatsland Labour Party.

- HSC presence is secure and ubiquitous, and HSC is a member of the Carinae Planetary Government’s voting/security council (to mixed levels of approval from Carinaeans).

- World is extremely rich in resources and fresh water, and the land is extremely fertile. Carinae plays a major role in the HSC’s program to feed the other worlds in the Confederacy, with food being the major export.


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